Die WELT ist zum UMARMEN da.
Her family

Our family includes of course mummy, daddy, Silja, her big sister Pia and last not least the grandparents.

Mummy works as service consultant in the child rehabilitation team of a manufacturer of rehabilitation aids and covers several thousand kilometres a year on the road for many small patients. Since the family has decided to clear all hindrances out of the way for dad`s resolution to study at a polytech, mummy temporarily provides alone for the family.

Dad is the master for (nearly) everything in the house, as he is indeed a fully fledged master carpenter. Backed by the family dad pursues his dream to become an architect for three years. He manages to be a lightning conductor, climbing scaffold and big shoulder for his three girls and to bring his studies to a satisfactory conclusion with much energy and heart blood.

Silja's big sister Pia is 11 years old. Pia is Siljas best friend and dearest enemy. Pias love, her understanding and courage to support mummy and dad have been substantial driving forces for Silja's development.

Granny Melitta, Grandpa Gustav and Grandpa Otto - our three are always there. Granny Melitta even learned driving a car some years ago, so to be able to help fast. The loss of granny Erika was a very hard blow to all the family. Silja had to learn the fact that someone was now suddenly missing to cuddle her in the evening but she knows that granny Erika is alright now in heaven.