Die WELT ist zum UMARMEN da.
Her way to Silja

A first meeting with the currently trained assistance dogs, Labradors and golden Retrievers, took place in February 2005 in Huemmerich. Silja showed equally curiosity and respect and thereby proved immediately her good intuition for the large, strange creatures.

In response the Labrador dog Camie for her part proved her suitability for Silja's needs, so that very fast the possibilities for a tandem between Silja and Camie appeared.

Over the summer all the family spent a very intensive week together with daily contact and training with Camie, their training group and the trainer Tatjana Kreidler (Dipl. Pedagogue), whereby Silja made clearly visible progress in establishing contact by herself and in the process of her movements.

The special qualification of Tatjana Kreidler is thereby not least based on her experience as a trainer for dog handling, collected among other things in Great Britain with practical courses at "Dogs for the Disabled" and "Guide Dogs for the blind".

Further plans include...
... a visit of the trainer with Camie in the autumn, in order to take a look at the surrounding domestic field in Silja's family and to ensure optimum conditions for taking over the assistance dog,
... a team training with Camie and Silja lasting several days, whereby dad will be regarded as the reference person both for Camie and Silja,
... and a transfer time of about three to four weeks in February 2006, particularly filled by the intensive contact between Silja and Camie.

Reference: www.vita-assistenzhunde.de