Die WELT ist zum UMARMEN da.
Vita Assistenzhunde e.V.

The association Vita e.V. was founded in March 2000 by Tatjana Kreidler based on the models of the English organizations "Guide Dogs for the blind" and "Dogs for the Disabled". Behind the association stands a continuously growing, fully engaged team.

The idea of the association is to help physically disabled people to achieve more independence and enjoyment of life with assistance dogs.

For this the association trains particularly selected dogs, unites them with physically diasabled people in teams and continues to care for the existing teams for the lifetime of the dog.

Your donation for the association (Reference: Silja) will be used to finance of the very extensive training and the maintenance of the dog Camie during her training period.

Further information regarding the association is available to you on the homepage of Vita Assistenzhunde e.V.: