Die WELT ist zum UMARMEN da.
The initiator

When Siljas parents asked me more than five years ago to be the godmother for their tiny daughter, I not only agreed without hesitation but I also full of emotions and gratitude for their trust in me, because Silja proved to have a sheer unbelievable will for life from her first day.

At this time Silja had already been in the world for some weeks, she had however not seen her home yet nor had she slept in her own little bed. She had spent her first weeks in the intensive care unit as an extremely premature baby and given her family many a sleepless night. It was also not clear if Silja would be disabled and how her first years of life would be.

Since then a lot has happened in Silja's life and today she very much enjoys an independence, which could not be expected by anybody, neither the treating physicians nor even her parents in view of the complications and obstacles of the first weeks. Often Silja's parents were confronted with obstacles, where Silja should not only have received general, but the best possible support. Today Silja is like a shining sun in the true meaning of the word, she laughs a lot and seems to be happy and well balanced throughout.

Nevertheless Silja's disabilities will become more apparent, when she grows older. Whereas most five-year-olds are looking forward to their first school day, Silja struggles with talking, her fine tuning movements and mental development. She could get an important push for her abilities and talents starting from the coming winter by her new family member Camie, a trained assistance dog. The largest hurdle is however the finance of about 20,000 Euros, to be used for Camie in order to balance the expenses of the association Vita Assistenzhunde e. V.

For this task I myself very gladly take on the responsibility as Silja's godmother and would like to raise donation funds on her behalf.

Doreen Schoener