Die WELT ist zum UMARMEN da.
Welcome to Silja's homepage!

Silja came into this world as an extremely premature baby. And although in view of the complications and obstacles during the first weeks of her life it was unclear at the beginning, if she would end up disabled and how she would cope during her early childhood years, she has an extraordinary personality, a real sunshine within the true meaning of the word. She always laughs a lot and seems to be well balanced and happy.

However, Silja's disabilities become more apparent the more she grows up.
Whereas most five year olds are looking forward to their first day at school, Silja still struggles with her speech efforts, the fine tuning of her movements and her mental development.

Starting this winter, she could gain an important advance for her abilities and talents by her new family member Camie, a trained assistance dog.

We shall be pleased, if you support Silja on her way to a self-determined life with a donation.

More independence means for Silja - talk, walk, be mobile.

Camie - a really special dog - can be of the greatest assistance in this.